About Hooper’s Pharmacy & Vitamin Shop

About Hooper’s Pharmacy & Vitamin Shop

Hooper’s is dedicated to providing the best advice, knowledge, service and products to enable our customers to make well-informed decisions regarding the treatment of illness and the maintenance of good health. Hooper’s is a small but dynamic group of four accredited pharmacies with the Ontario College of Pharmacists and one vitamin shop.

Since 1924, our name has been synonymous with a neighbourhood pharmacy. Today we’re known as a Canadian leader in the new approach to healthcare. We offer the best of the past and the latest health solutions. Our commitment is to offer our customers the opportunity of choice. We provide health products of the highest quality drawn from both traditional medications and complimentary solutions.

For nearly three decades Hooper’s has been ahead of the times.  As licensed pharmacists, of course, we can fill your prescriptions . . . but there’s much, much more . . .

We provide custom-compounding, blister packing for seniors or patients on multiple drug regimens, Diabetes management advice and hormone replacement therapy consultation. But there is more, as a problem solving pharmacy we will work with you and your doctor to tailor your medication to your specific needs.

When you visit Hooper’s you’ll be surprised at our tremendous selection of natural health products. We have one of the largest selections of vitamin supplements, homeopathic remedies, herbal medicines; sports nutrition, aromatherapy, professional brand supplements and natural skin care products. The biggest surprise of all is how much you’ll save!

With all of these possibilities, it’s likely you’ll sometimes need advice on how to choose the right remedy or how one prescription will react with another. Our pharmacists’ first priority is your personal needs. They’re not just packagers of prescriptions – they represent what pharmacists were always intended to be; trusted healthcare professionals who share their knowledge and provide guidance on the great variety of healthcare solutions available to you at Hooper’s.

Our guiding philosophy is to advocate prevention, while helping our customers to minimize the severity and duration of illness. We strive to provide the best combination of advice, information and products.

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