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The Centre for Collaborative Health is Accepting New Patients

Looking for a Functional Medicine Practitioner?

Dr. Andrew Kiellerman Dr. Andrew Kiellerman is a Medical Doctor who practices a lifestyle-based, functional medical approach, which is patient-centred and holistic.Using a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ style, he investigates and determines the causes of illnesses, using an integrative and collaborative approach.

• Bioidentical Hormones
• Adrenal/Thyroid Issues
• Weight Loss / Management
• Female and Male Hormones
• Low Energy
• Digestive Concerns
• Lyme Disease
• Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

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Looking for a Naturopathic Doctor?

Dr. Amber Moore Dr. Amber Moore is accepting
new patients at the Centre for Collaborative Health!

Health Programs:
• Athletic Performance
• Natural Fertility
• Hormonal Health
• Digestive Concerns
• Detox and Weight Loss
• Intravenous Vitamin Therapy Naturopathic Doctors are primary healthcare providers that use natural therapies to treat illness and re-establish the foundations for health.

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